Punjab Tourism Department Jobs | PTEGP Jobs 2023

Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project (PTEGP) is a strategic initiative undertaken by the Government of Punjab to promote the tourism industry in the region. The project aims to develop the infrastructure, facilities, and services of the tourism sector to attract both domestic and foreign visitors. PTEGP also includes a comprehensive training and capacity-building program for local residents to enhance their skills and employability in the tourism industry.

As part of this project, PTEGP is expected to create numerous job opportunities in various fields. The jobs will range from skilled positions such as tour guides, hotel managers, and chefs to support roles such as drivers, security personnel, and administrative staff. With the development of new tourist destinations, there will also be a demand for construction workers, architects, and engineers.

To be eligible for PTEGP jobs, candidates must possess the necessary qualifications, experience, and skills. For skilled positions, candidates must have a relevant degree or diploma in hospitality, tourism, or a related field. They should also have prior work experience in the industry and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. For support roles, candidates must have basic education and relevant experience in their respective fields.

PTEGP also places great emphasis on gender equality and inclusivity in its recruitment process. Women and individuals from underprivileged communities are encouraged to apply for these jobs.

Punjab Tourism Department Jobs 2023

PTEGP Jobs 2023 provides a significant opportunity for individuals to build their careers in the tourism industry and contribute to the growth of the Punjab economy. The project’s focus on training and capacity-building ensures that the workforce is equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to meet the demands of the industry. By investing in the tourism sector, the Government of Punjab aims to create a sustainable and inclusive economy that benefits all its citizens.

Posted on:19th April 2023
Location:All Pakistan
Master in Business Administration
Address:Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project, Planning & Development Board, 175-A Scotch Corner, Upper Mall, Lahore.

Vacant Post Name:

Sr. NoPost NameQualificationNo of Post
1.Finance AssistantMaster in Business Administration01
Sr. NoPost NameQualificationNo of Post
1.Procurement AssistantMaster in Business Administration01


The Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project (PTEGP) Jobs 2023 aims to boost the tourism industry in Punjab, Pakistan, by creating job opportunities and stimulating economic growth.

  1. Job Creation: The PTEGP project is expected to create a significant number of jobs in various sectors of the tourism industry, such as hospitality, transportation, and recreation. This will provide employment opportunities for local residents and contribute to reducing unemployment rates in the province.
  2. Economic Growth: The project is also expected to generate significant economic growth for Punjab, as increased tourism activity will result in more revenue from taxes, fees, and other sources. This revenue can be used to invest in local infrastructure, services, and programs that benefit residents and visitors alike.
  3. Promotion of Culture and Heritage: Punjab has a rich cultural heritage, and the PTEGP project aims to promote and preserve this heritage by showcasing its unique customs, traditions, and landmarks to visitors. This will help to raise awareness of Punjab’s cultural identity and generate interest in local history and arts.
  4. Improved Infrastructure: The PTEGP project will require significant investments in infrastructure such as roads, airports, and tourist facilities, which will improve the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike. This will also help to attract more visitors to Punjab and generate additional economic growth.
  5. Diversification of Economy: The PTEGP project is expected to diversify Punjab’s economy by creating new business opportunities in the tourism industry. This will help to reduce the province’s reliance on traditional industries such as agriculture and manufacturing and create a more sustainable and dynamic economy.

How to Apply for this Punjab Tourism Department Jobs | PTEGP Jobs 2023

  • The PTEGP job portal, www.jobs.punjab.gov.pk, has information and a job description.
  • Application forms must be submitted to the Project Director, Project Management Unit PMU, Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project, Planning and Development Board, 175-A Scotch Corner, Upper Mall, Lahore, along with CNIC, educational credentials, and a passport-size photograph. Is.
  • No TA or DA will be approved.
  • Only those who have been selected and shortlisted receive notifications for interviews.
  • The deadline for PTEGP Jobs online applications is May 3, 2023.

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